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About me



Hello, my name is Cecile! I am French, I work as a Coach and I am a cat lover. I live in London, where I settled after years of moving around and living in several countries over the world in the last decade. I’ve learned a lot about change through these experiences, how it can affect us in all areas of our lives, and how to reinvent ourselves.


I have always followed a conventional path and never questioned it, going to good schools, getting a higher education that gave me safe options, rather than pursuing my passions. I made smart decisions that led me to a good job and a successful 15-year career as a Marketing director in the mobile gaming industry, but deep down, I never felt truly fulfilled. I felt as if I wasn’t really being myself at my full potential, only expressing parts of myself. The day I started to question if I was authentically me and what I really wanted is when I started on the path of becoming a coach.


Becoming a coach was the natural next step for me, as I truly value connections and care about people. They describe me as kind, strong and intuitive. I’m at my best while interacting with others on a one-to-one basis, due to my curious nature and love for exploring and finding solutions. I wish to create a space for people to have a voice, allowing themselves to say what they want to say, feel what they truly feel and be confident about who they are.


My calling


My mission is to help people understand who they really are, free themselves from limiting beliefs or expectations around them. I am passionate about helping people figure their way in this web of life and work options, and ultimately, be the person they want to be and live a life that is aligned with who they are. Knowing why they made the decisions they did, making them consciously and with awareness.


We go through a lot of stress living our lives, and we are not necessarily taught simple tools to manage it, to build resilience. I want to empower my clients with these tools, so that they may grow their own mental fitness and cope better, even thrive.

I gave a talk in my last company about Introverts in the Workplace. I am an Introvert myself, and a woman, which remained an oddity in the gaming industry. Many people identified to what I shared. It confirmed my desire to support people on their own journeys.


I describe myself as a blend between a Life Coach, a Career Coach and Confidence Coach. These are all different aspects of what I do and they are all intimately connected. Ultimately we are one person, the same person at home and at work, and how we operate in one aspect of our lives impacts how we operate in others.


I coach the human inside.


How we act, how we think and how we feel are greatly interlinked. In a world full of challenges, expectations, that is constantly reinventing itself, it can be hard to navigate our emotions and to have clarity. Stress can impact ability to think clearly and to act as who we are.

What I offer is a safe space where you can open up, and explore these areas of your life that you want to change, these challenges that you would like to overcome; and equip you with tools to help you on the way.

I use a combination of techniques ranging from coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology, evidenced-based hypnotherapy, mindfulness and heart coherence. I adapt my approach depending on you, your goals and your wishes. And most importantly, I listen to you.

My role is to support you on your journey.


My approach


My values


Having the courage to be who we really are rather than who we think we’re supposed to be, and embrace all aspects of ourselves, with strength, honesty and vulnerability.


Acknowledging the gifts and learnings from all experiences of life, allowing joy in and choosing compassion and forgiveness, for ourselves and others.


Showing empathy, care, kindness, a term that although it might sound clichéd, is nonetheless at the foundation of my commitment: to support you with kindliness all the while challenging you to move forward.


My qualifications

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