Stress Management

and Anxiety


My Approach

Resilience, clarity and self-regulation

How we act, how we think and how we feel are greatly interlinked. In a world full of challenges, expectations, that is constantly reinventing itself, it can be hard to navigate our emotions and to have clarity.

When we live in stress, our body focuses all its energy on the source of the stress and narrows our focus. Our energy is low, we have less resources to think clearly, to self-regulate and recover. This is where resilience comes in, "our capacity to prepare for, to recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity". This doesn't mean resilience will prevent us from facing difficult situations. No, it means that we're better equipped to deal with it, to choose how we react to it.

What I offer is a safe space where you can open up, and explore these areas of your life that you want to change, these challenges that you would like to overcome, these new habits that you would like to embrace; and equip you with tools to help you on the way.

I use a combination of techniques ranging from coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy, evidenced-based hypnotherapy, mindfulness and heart-focused breathing. I adapt my approach depending on you, your goals and your wishes. And most importantly, I listen to you.

My role is to support you on your journey.


Coaching is about giving you the support that you need to move forward in your life.

There isn't a need for anything to be wrong to benefit from coaching, only an intention to achieve something, overcome a challenge or simply getting some support in times of change and uncertainty. We are used to looking outside of us to understand ourselves and coaching offers the opportunity to look inward, and explore.

Here are some areas in which I help my clients:

- Professionals who want to feel more fulfilled in their careers

Sometimes there is a particular issue to overcome: difficult relationships with your boss or colleagues, a project that feels overwhelming, though sometimes there is nothing wrong to point at, just a feeling of inadequacy, of doubt or lack of confidence, and you can't quite figure out how to overcome it and move forward. I'm here to help you explore what is going on and how to overcome it.

- Introverts who want to fit in

Being an introvert isn't always easy. Covid may have changed the rules and made remote working more common, there are always some challenges. Being in Zoom meetings all day long can be as difficult as being in actual meetings. How to work with others when you prefer quiet? How to set your boundaries? How to recognise and accept what makes you feel at your best?

We can explore all these topics and allow you to better understand yourself and create a better environment for yourself and those around you.

- Professionals who moved to a different country

Moving in another country can be a very rewarding experience. It feels great to have had the courage to uproot yourself and started a new life and a new environment. And while we may love our life abroad, it comes with a number of challenges: making friends, understanding the culture, getting used to new ways of living and overcoming the doubts around our ability to express ourselves in a different language, or being away from loved ones. I help people navigate these challenges and find confidence in themselves.


Recognise yourself in any of these?

Want to feel more fulfilled and confident in your life? 




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