Clarity and so much more

Patricia R.



Introduced to Cecile's coaching service by a friend, I was lucky enough to find my myself being guided through a journey of self discovery and self exploration which left me feeling much more clarity, space and peace of mind. Having done a few coaching programs previous to Walayance Coaching, I can highly recommend Cecile's gentle and holistic approach, using different methods to access what's sitting inside and touching on all different levels of coaching whether that's for personal or executive clarity and growth.

"Cécile helped me reframe my unstructured thoughts to obtain clarity"

Annabella D.



Cécile helped me reframe my unstructured thoughts to obtain clarity, where I could then take actions towards a direction which felt right for me! Her support has been key to reaching my goal!

My experience with Cecile was wonderful. Using a combination of all of her skills she organically supported me and helped me on my way to healing some childhood traumas. 

She’s got such a beautiful calm energy and I felt very comfortable to be honest and express myself to her. Her language was always clear and non judgemental and her ability to listen and really hear what was going on within me, and then identify an appropriate action, was remarkable. 

I was surprised how much came out during the sessions and how quickly I made progress. 
Cecile made it clear that she was there for me outside of the sessions also which was a great comfort at time’s. 

I have gone through other therapies which definitely held their merit for me at the time, but what I loved about Cecile’s approach, is it was one of questioning. This room for self expression is freeing and enables one to build self trust and confidence as we work out all that’s been suppressed within. 

I highly recommend her services and will always be grateful for the help she gave me

Sarah R.

London - King's Cross,


Tackling issues at the root

I’ve undertaken several coaching sessions with Cecile and each one has proved extremely helpful in empowering me to find solutions. Her gentle and well-informed approach meant that I felt my issue was heard and understood, and as a result of her coaching approach I was able to grasp the situation with clarity and find the answers I was looking for. I would highly recommend Walayance Coaching to anyone looking for a quality and effective coaching experience.

Amy R.

London - Harringay,


Coaching with Cecile is the real deal

Sai P.



An amazing individual who listens attentively and offers ways in which to see any given situation presented. A kind, loving practioner who truly is present during the session following everything that is said and offering empathy as well as ways to heal situations. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.

Cecile is a wonderful coach, very kind, empathetic and so insightful. Cecile helped me find clarity in my professional life and figure out my next career move. I would highly recommend Cecile to anyone struggling to find purpose in their career.

Marie U.



Nicola B.

London - Crouch End,


I would highly recommend Cecile's coaching and meditation sessions, she has a great open and gentle approach that really helps you identify underlying issues. Cecile creates an environment where you feel safe and supported.

Frankie G.

London - Kentish Town,


I had suffered with nail biting for over 15 years and had tried multiple solutions that had all failed to stop me. After meeting Cecile just 3 times and putting what she taught me to practice, I haven't gone back to biting my nails. Honestly changed my life and I'm still stunned by the power of this practice.

Iris L.

London - Camden,


Throughout our sessions, Cecile has been nothing but kind, attentive and insightful. I left each session feeling peaceful and perfectly relaxed. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to start hypnotherapy.

Beate M.



A question that has bothered me for a long time and confused me was clarified in the session with Cecile. Now it's easier again and I can follow my path. I now also know which questions are more valuable to get ahead.

Dani K.

London - Kings Cross,


Cecile is a living angel. I called a professional when I was in need, but instead it was an angel who have answered to me. She's really positive, I can hear her smile over the phone and feel her genuine need to help me, which she has succeed perfectly. It was only one call but I can only highly recommend her.

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