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You want to be happy at work. You enjoy working. You want to be challenged intellectually and stimulated. You deeply care about the people around you and doing a good job.


It’s not that you don’t have ambition, but it’s not what makes you tick or truly motivates you. You’d rather contribute to the greater good and be rewarded and recognised fairly for your efforts. You know you have potential and want to see how wide and far you can go. 


But staying chained to other’s priorities is draining. Self-doubt takes its toll. Feeling unsure of the right path ahead is exhausting.


What if you felt confident in who you are and what you have to offer?

What if you knew exactly what you want and which direction to take?
What if you knew what your next step could be?


Instead of feeling like things are controlling you, how would it feel to be in control of your life? Making your decisions consciously, knowing why you’re making them.

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Private Coaching

When is the last time you invested in yourself?

Maybe you started your career fueled by passion. But the flame that once energized you now flickers softly. Work still matters, yet feels draining. You crave greater purpose and impact.


Daily demands keep you locked in step-by-step survival mode without a compass guiding bigger decisions. Imposter syndrome whispers you should have things figured out by now too. Quietly, you wonder if there’s more possible.


The truth? You possess everything needed to realign work with conviction. But potential stays locked away without support to quieten the self-dout and fears that hold you back. I can be that neutral sounding board to help you rediscover internal wisdom.


Together we’ll collaboratively get clarity to move ahead, one insight at a time. Remember who you are beyond roles. Release outdated rules that hold you back. Set intentions aligned with core values. Regain trust in your voice. Feel at home in your own skin.


Imagine showing up  with confidence and fulfillment once more - both at home and at work. Let’s get to work unlocking your possibility. The ripple effects will speak for themselves.


Private Coaching Packages


Coaching discovery session

  • 30 min coaching consultation

  • The focus of this conversation is you

  • The purpose of this call is to find out if we'd like to work together

  • There is no charge for this conversation

Your 1st step



Gain clarity on how you show up in work and life


  • Access to online Energy Leadership® Index attitudinal assessment (20 min to complete)

  • 2-hour results debrief and coaching conversation (you will be sent the recording)

  • Get awareness of how you approach life and situations

  • Identify what is holding you back and what to do about it



💡 The Leadership Assessment is included in the Pathfinder package



Kickstart your journey to growth

and gain focus and clarity

Valid for 3 months

  • 6x1-hour coaching sessions

  • Whatsapp and email support in between sessions

  • Get clarity on what you want

  • Create foundations for lasting change






💡 Best for short-term goals



Accelerate your personal

and professional growth

Valid for 6 months

  • 12x1-hour coaching sessions

  • Whatsapp and email support in between sessions

  • Leadership Assessment included

  • Get clarity on what you want

  • Create sustainable change

  • Navigate your way through change with support and accountability​



💡 Best for mid-term to long-term goals

Happy Businesswoman

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Offerings

I have partnered with Gwen Deloux to create CATALYST, an offering to corporations and organisations.


We help professionals and leaders develop Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and strategic skills so that the company can foster a lasting environment of high performance, agility toward change, professional growth and employee well-being.


We develop solutions tailored to your team's specific requirements:

  • Individual Coaching,

  • Team Coaching,​

  • Workshops and learning solutions,

  • Speaking engagements.


We are based in the UK. Services can be delivered online or on-site across Europe.​


For more information, please reach out to or schedule a call using the link below:

Corporate an Organisations
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