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The Leadership Mirror: Reflecting on Your Journey As A Leader

by Tamara Judge and Cecile Hemery

See Yourself > Know Yourself > Lead Better

Embark on a transformative journey with our 2.5-hour online workshop. Designed for leaders at any stage of their journey, this interactive session is your opportunity to pause, reflect, and gaze into the mirror of your leadership experiences. Through guided discussions, self-assessment exercises, and collaborative sharing, you will explore the core of your leadership identity, assess your growth, and identify actionable steps toward your future aspirations.

This workshop is not just about reflection; it's about actionable insight. Participants will engage in thought-provoking activities designed to light their leadership path, from understanding their foundational values to recognising their impact on others.


  • What is leadership and what does good leadership look like?

  • Understanding your leadership profile and strengths as a leader

  • Using your strengths to feel more confident as a leader

  • Overcoming doubt and developing strategies to succeed

  • Getting clarity on what's your next step and creating an action plan towards it

Who Should Attend:

If you're a leader who wants to gain confidence, stay true to yourself, and leverage your unique strengths to succeed, this workshop is designed for you. Whether you're:

  • An emerging leader looking to discover your authentic leadership style and avoid common pitfalls

  • A seasoned executive seeking to reignite your confidence in your leadership skills and overcome feelings of self-doubt or stagnation

  • A leader at any level who wants to connect with others facing similar challenges and feel understood and supported

This workshop is a transformative opportunity to deepen your self-awareness, refine your leadership capabilities, and make a meaningful impact in your organisation and community. If you're ready to stop pretending to be someone you're not and start embracing your true leadership potential, "The Leadership Mirror" is your next step.

Join us if you:
  • Want to gain confidence and stay true to yourself in your leadership role,

  • Are looking to understand why you may not be performing as well as you'd like and identify strategies to improve,

  • Seek to identify your unique leadership strengths and learn how to capitalise on them for success,

  • Desire to connect with leaders who share your experiences and can offer guidance and encouragement,

  • Are aiming for a promotion or want to know how to be recognised as the capable, authentic leader you are.


Don't miss this chance to reflect, grow, and chart a path towards the leader you aspire to be. Secure your spot in "The Leadership Mirror" workshop today and start your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Date and time: Tue, 17 September 2024 5.00 - 7.30 pm BST

Location: Online (Zoom)


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